An AC Service Provider Shares Tips on Mold Removal


In order to remove mold from an AC, you should replace or clean your filter on a regular basis. Also, mold found in AC systems can be removed simply by using a cleaner, which is specifically designed to get rid of mold. The way you remove mold will largely depend on the kind of AC you have. You can do this job yourself or call in a professional AC service provider to do it for you.


AC Filters Servicing and cleaningIn order to remove mold from a window AC unit, you must take your safety into account. Make sure you unplug the unit in question before you start. Plus, remember to wear a mask whilst cleaning mold, as this will stop you from breathing in any mold spores.


Sometimes, cleaning or replacing your AC’s filter will get rid of any mold within the unit. Moisture is an excellent breeding ground for mold growth, so you need to ensure you remove any moisture that could provide opportunities for mold to grow. Frequent cleaning of the filters is advisable for window units, more so if you reside in areas with high humidity levels.


However, if the act of removing or cleaning your AC’s filters does not remove mold, you may have to purchase a special cleaning agent, in order to remove the accumulated mold on your AC’s coils. To gain access to these coils, remove the covering, then gently scrub every coil where mold is visible. After that, simply replace the cover and switch your unit back. This will help the coils to dry faster.


Mold in a central air conditioner can be cleaned using a mold removal product unless that mold is present on the insulation. If that’s the case, you should replace the system. Use an HVAC mold cleaning product on the interior of your unit, but make sure you do not wet any of the interior electrical components, as this will damage them.


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