What Are the Different Methods for AC Repair on Ducts?


Performing an AC repair on ductwork is very important. Even the most minor holes will vastly reduce the system’s efficiency while increasing the energy costs. There are numerous options when performing duct repair, such as temporary solutions which will keep things rolling until a permanent solution is found. 


When it comes down to doing quick repair work of small leaks, one methodMultiple Air conditioners AC System is using duct tape. This kind of tape is designed to stick with ease and stay in place for extended periods of time. Several of these brands are made to resist the heat and cold, which means they can be applied to heating and cooling ducts, even if condensation occurs every now and then. Even though this method is not exactly pretty to look at, it is quick and cheap to do.


Another example uses caulking. This will seal leaks on joints on ductwork or any minor holes that are found in any of the ductwork sections. Special caulking, which is created for this very purpose, is designed to stand up against temperature changes, which makes it ideal to use on HVAC ductwork. However, remember to read the instructions which come with different brands of this compound in order to ensure it is the right type for your system.


Different kinds of aerosol sealants are now available to use for duct repairs. Manufacturers of these products claim they are superior to duct tape or caulking, only when they are used properly. Most of these products are simple to use and have a transparent sealing agent. They look better and are preferred by a lot of commercial property owners who don’t want the ductwork sealing to show. 



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